Make Your Own Crochet Animals: Create Your Own Unique Animals and Patterns

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0 Make Your Own Crochet Animals: Create Your Own Unique Animals and PatternsНазвание: Make Your Own Crochet Animals: Create Your Own Unique Animals and Patterns
Автор: Karolina Knapek
Издательство: White Owl
Год: 2022
Размер: 104 mb
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 144
Язык: Английский

Книга по вязанию крючком милых игрушечек амигуруми. Эта книга предполагает, что вы уже владеете основами вязания крючком и хотите увеличить свой творческий потенциал за счет использования интересных цветов и дизайна. Автор дает описание десяти моделей, которых можно легко связать, начиная с милого енота и заканчивая ленивцем.

The aim of this book is to bring the age-old art of crotchet into the 21st century. Gone are the days where all it was good for was creating placemats and jumpers for your teapots. Aimed at the intermediate crochetier, this book assumes you are already proficient in the basics and are looking to increase your creative output through the use of interesting color and design. With an insight into ten bespoke patterns that can be easily followed, starting with a cute racoon and progressing to the more advanced sloth. The aim is to introduce you to new ways of approaching crotchet; you will be able to confidently create your own unique animals and patterns upon completion of the book. Each animal created teaches a new technique, from establishing a simple ball; we progress through more elaborate designs with each unique pattern learning new skills and new ideas. Annotated through out with pictures, and scattered with top tips, with links to videos of each stage you can feel confidant that the resources are here to crotchet out of a hole. Easily adaptable, these designs will give hints about new aesthetics for seasonal versions as well as more interesting use of colors to create exciting pieces and inspire a new generation of crochetiers.

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