No Kiln, Handbuilding Clay Projects: 50 Elegant Projects to Make for the Home

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0 No Kiln, Handbuilding Clay Projects: 50 Elegant Projects to Make for the HomeНазвание: No Kiln, Handbuilding Clay Projects: 50 Elegant Projects to Make for the Home
Автор: Charlotte Vannier
Издательство: Fox Chapel Publishing
Год: 2023
Размер: 93 mb
Формат: EPUB
Страниц: 192
Язык: Английский

Создайте свою собственную красивую посуду без печи! Handbuilding Clay Projects - идеальная книга для начала - печь или гончарный круг не нужны! Полное руководство для начинающих для создания своих собственных шедевров ручной работы. Это всеобъемлющее и элегантное руководство содержит информацию о том, как организовать пространство мастерской, как подготовиться к лепке из глины, какие инструменты вам понадобятся, глины, керамика и терминология по керамике, и другие основы для изготовления глины. Представлено более 50 элегантных, но простых проектов из глины - от подсвечников и ваз для цветов до разделочной доски, банок с крышками, молочника, блюда для яиц, мисок, табличек и многого другого — вместе с пошаговыми инструкциями и потрясающими полноцветными фотографиями.

Create your own beautiful clay pottery without a kiln! If you've ever wanted to get started in the craft of clay making, No Kiln, Handbuilding Clay Projects is the perfect place to start — no kiln or potter's wheel needed! A complete, beginner-friendly guide that explains everything you need to know to create your own hand-built clay masterpieces, this is comprehensive and elegant guide is filled with insight on setting up a workshop space, how to prepare for modeling clay, the tools you'll need, clays, pottery and ceramics terminology, and other clay making basics. It's perfect for crafters looking for a tactile relaxing outlet as well as clay and polymer clay enthusiasts looking to expand and hone their skills. More than 50 elegant yet simple clay projects for the home are featured — ranging from candleholders and flower vases to a cutting board, lidded jars, a milk jug, an egg dish, bowls, plaques, and more — along with step-by-step instructions and stunning full-color photography. Included are technique utorials on the different types of modeling, such as pinching, coiling, slab building, press molding, and impressions, as well as helpful tips on how to color and finish each piece. Projects Ceramics and pottery are part of a refreshing return to slow life, the satisfaction of making things by hand, and the desire to turn away from industrial consumption, all while making something beautiful and useful for your home or to gift to friends. Combining simple skills with an elevated design aesthetic, this craft book is a must-have for any maker or DIYer looking to try something easy, affordable, and fun! If you thought you would never be a pottery artist because you don't own a kiln, think again! With No Kiln, Handbuilding Clay Projects , you will be sharing your dazzling creations with everyone in no time! "If you want to try your hand at working with clay but don't have access to a ceramic studio, no worries.

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