100 Days of Home Sewing №21 2023

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0 100 Days of Home Sewing №21 2023Название: 100 Days of Home Sewing
Издательство: ВС Thomson & Co ltd
Год: 2023
Номер: 21
Размер: 72 mb
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 132
Язык: Английский

Журнал "100 дней ремесла" наполнен захватывающими проектами, которые помогут вам заниматься рукоделием в течение 100 дней. Каждый выпуск имеет свою тематику с пошаговыми проектами, подходящими для начинающих и не только.

100 Days of Craft magazine is packed with exciting projects to keep you crafting for 100 days. Each keepsake issue has a different theme or craft focus, with step-by-step projects suitable for beginners and beyond. You’ll discover an impressive variety of short and longer makes, supplemented by handy tips, expert advice and free downloads to help you to make the most of your creative time. Several family-friendly projects are also included in every issue to encourage and engage youngsters in craft. Whether you have a go-to crafting passion or want to discover new techniques, 100 Days of Craft has just the thing to ignite your inspiration and creativity.

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