Guess How Much I Love You (серия книг)

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0 Guess How Much I Love You (серия книг)Название: Guess How Much I Love You (серія книг)
Автор: Sam McBratney
Изд-во: Walker books LTD
ISBN: 978-0-7445-4918-8; 978-1406344141
Год: 2001/2018
Формат: pdf
Стр.: 18+16+24++
Размер: 123,78 Мб
Язык: English

Guess How Much I Love You is a British children's book written by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram, published in 1994, in the United Kingdom by Walker Books and in 1995, in the United States by its subsidiary Candlewick Press. The book was a 1996 ALA Notable Children's Book.[1] According to its publishers, in addition to the ALA award and numerous other awards, it has sold more than 43 million copies worldwide and been published in 57 languages
Guess How Much I Love You follows the story of two hares, Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare. It is never stated that they two are father and son in the original storybooks, but this is stated in the animated television series. Little Nutbrown Hare asks Big Nutbrown Hare the title question, "Guess how much I love you?", and the book continues as the two use larger and larger measures to quantify how much they love each other in answer to the question.
P.S. Audio read by Kevin Whately (on the audiobooks). Illustrator Anita Jeram.

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