KNITmuch №8 2019

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0 KNITmuch №8 2019Название: KNITmuch
Издательство: A Needle Pulling Thread
Год: 2019
Номер: 8
Размер: 19 mb
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 40
Язык: Английский

Журнал по вязанию спицами. Этот выпуск неотразимо полон вязаных проектов для подарков и подготовки к праздникам. В нем вы найдете самые приятные вязаные узоры для малыша, такие как одежда, одеяла и аксессуары, связанные с помощью пряжи Bella Chenille Chunky.

This issue of KNITmuch is irresistibly full of knitting projects for gifting and getting ready for the holidays. Within it, you'll find the cuddliest knitted patterns for baby, like onesies, blankets and accessories knit up using Bella Chenille Chunky. It will feel like a soft cocoon for baby. And from this chunky yarn, we explore knitting with lace weight yarn, here too, plenty of free knitting patterns. Charles Voth explains the benefits of knitting with lace weight yarn as it's often misunderstood. Don't miss the features highlighting Unity and Unity Beyond, two very luxurious yarns created using four natural fibers, find out which ones those are! Plenty of free pattern suggestions here as well. In all there are 17 patterns to consider and we close the issue with Charles Voth's tutorial on how to design your own knitted tee so it fits you to a tee, perfect every time! Awesome issue!

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