14 Pretty Pearl Jewelry Patterns for Every Occasion

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0 14 Pretty Pearl Jewelry Patterns for Every OccasionНазвание: 14 Pretty Pearl Jewelry Patterns for Every Occasion
Автор: Maggie Connelly
Издательство: Prime Publishing LLC
Год: 2017
Формат: jpg
Страниц: 34
Размер: 28 mb
Язык: английский

Книга по созданию украшений из жемчуга. 14 замечательных проектов помогут вам создать свою уникальную вещь.
There are jewelry projects with a more modern twist on them to help you strut your stuff, or you have a handful of pieces that hold true to that more classy elegance that you have been striving for. These instructions will show you how you can string, wire wrap, and stitch different pearl patterns together, so that no two pieces of your DIY jewelry are the same. This collection features our favorite pearl projects that we have been dying to share with you. Trust us, this free eBook will have everyone swooning over how gorgeous you look, and will keep you red carpet ready at all time!

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